Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tough Issues: The Underwear Rule (NSPCC Campaign)

While I was waiting for my Magic FM player to load an advert was playing and it struck me that 1) It was a VERY good one and 2) I seriously need to start doing this with Mr E.

What advert was this? It was a video by the NSPCC to publicize their Underwear Rule Campaign.

This is a campaign very dear to my heart. I do not want Ethan to experience abuse of any sort especially this sort because it totally screws you up. Parents we have to be vigilant and proactive in this area. Start the conversation with your children. Ethan's verbal skills are coming along now & since toddler's understanding tend to be 6 months ahead of their verbal skills, It is time for him to understand that his privates are HIS privates. If he feels violated he needs to tell us.
The only way your children are going to be able to tell you about things like this is if you are connected. So focus on nurturing that relationship between you and as they grow, they will be comfortable talking to you about even the most uncomfortable subjects.

Here are resources to start the conversation. You'll be glad you did.

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