Saturday, 7 September 2013

5 things I would like to achieve by the time I am 30

I turn 25 tomorrow and with that comes the realisation that I am 5 years away from the big leagues. I am so amazed with all I have done so far. I have grown, healed & triumphed. Without further ado here is my list.


1) I would love to have completed my family by then. Now this could mean having a second child biologically & adopting our third as planned or it could mean adopting our second and leaving it at that. Either way I'd love to have it concluded by then. My 30s for me will be a different stage of parenting in an ideal world.

2) This would mean we would have bought our first home. I know ths sounds materialistic but it is my dream. Owning our own home will mean security and finally putting all my ideas down on a template without fear of loss of deposit!

3) I would love to see a new continent! Travel. I love traveling and we plan to see a lot of the world. Most of it is for when we are left with an empty nest but I don't think I want to wait that long, just in case we don't get to have each other that long (I know, depressing but I met a lovely lady and she is in her 60s & has been a widow for 20 of those :-( )

4) I want to be a bit more self sufficient. Yes I want to be like The Good Life.

5) Finally, I would like to be still in love with DH in a healthy marriage, & I would love to have a healthy & happy family.

Happy Birthday to me! I will live the next few years to the full. Waking up each day and saying "Carpe Diem!" I am celebrating with a Vintage Tea Party! I will of course be blogging about it!


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Maureen said...

Happy Birthday fellow Sept baby. I wish that all your dreams and hopes come true.


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